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About Us

Three Tree Tea Company got its start back in 2002 when we operated a unique and Asian-inspired tea house that blended the natural and organic elements with the tradition of tea.

  Our goal was and still is to bring tea to the masses.   

We started on this path after living in Japan and visiting the aesthetically pleasing tea shops there.  We thought about how wonderful it would be to create an enjoyable tea experience here in Seattle, where coffee abounds but tea didn’t have much of a footing.   We were honored to be featured in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and chosen as one of 2003’s best teahouses in Seattle Magazine. 

By night we operated as a sake bar with the same goal of introducing sake to the beginner via educational sake tastings while offering a wide array of sake for everyone to enjoy.  

For some, to indulge in a pot of tea is to embark on a new flavor adventure; to others it is to take the edge off of a stressful day and relax; and for others still it is simply a daily ritual that brings pleasure and a constant in their lives. 

We believe that tea has a place in everyone’s life.  Whether you enjoy your tea straight, organic, with milk or sugar, we’re confident you’ll find a tea that you soon won’t be able to live without. At its most basic level, tea should not be cloaked in mystique or confined by rules.  Tea is here for all to partake and enjoy, and has been for thousands of years.  It’s our cross-cultural connection to the past, present and future.   All over the world right now, people are indulging in a cup of tea, so let’s join them!

About Us
About Three Tree Tea Company

Three Tree Tea Company is based in Burien, Washington,

just south of Seattle. Our name comes from Three Tree Point, an area of Burien where vintage homes, narrow winding roads, tightly compacted beach houses, dense greenery and waterfront cabanas evoke a nostalgic feeling.  We also chose the name because it is alliterative and reminds us of a tongue twister. The logo consists of three trees, again derived from Three Tree Point and very representative of Washington State. 


It is our wish to present to you our line of superior, hand-picked and carefully blended teas. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our offerings!

About Three Tree Tea Company
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