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Feel free to choose 13 of your favorite latte bags from the following list. With our expanded options you will be able to offer more choices to your customers without having to hold much inventory. A breakdown is a dedicated form on the Wholesale login page, so please use it after you have checked out. Don't forget to fill in your order number.


  1. Matcha Latte 1LB Bag
  2. Ginger Matcha Latte 1LB Bag
  3. Blueberry Matcha Latte 1LB Bag
  4. White Chocolate Matcha Latte 1LB Bag
  5. Roasted Green Tea Latte (Houji Tea) 1LB Bag
  6. Black Ninja Tea Latte 1LB Bag
  7. Ginger Chai Powder 1LB Bag
  8. Black Chai Powder 1LB Bag
  9. Turmeric Chai Latte 1LB Bag (Caffeine Free)
  10. Cardamom Chai Latte 1LB Bag(Caffeine Free)


The total number of bags received in this order is 13 bags. Please confirm that the total is 13 bags at the time of the order. Please check each product page for the description of each product.

Wholesale Your Choice 13 Bags

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