Three Tree Tea brings you Japanese certified Organic Matcha direct from tea fields high in the mountains of Aichi, Japan. As in ancient times, tea leaves are carefully picked, steamed, dried, and ground by a granite stone mill into the fine Matcha green tea powder.
Presenting our exclusive organic Japanese culinary-grade matcha that has been specially crafted for use in your kitchen. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, matcha is considered the world’s most nutritious tea. And because the stone-ground tea is consumed, not steeped, you take in 100% of the benefits.
Excellent for use in hot or cold beverages. Add 1/2 a teaspoon or so of matcha and 4 ounces orange juice or soy milk to a beverage shaker, shake vigorously and pour yourself a healthy green tea milk or juice shot. Make your own matcha lattes at home, or add to smoothies for a green tea boost. Perfect for baking as well!
INSTRUCTIONS: Keep refrigerated. FOR BAKING: Blend room temperature matcha with dry ingredients


Ingredients: 100% Japanese Organic Matcha Green tea.

Organic Matcha For Cooking

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