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Black tea accounts for about 90% of all tea consumed worldwide. It is produced from the leaves of the white-flowered evergreen, Camellia sinensis. Production of black teas begins with withering, where the plucked leaves are placed on withering racks in order to remove excess moisture. The leaves are then rolled in order to release the enzymes and juices that give tea its aroma and taste. Afterwards the leaves are left to ferment and finally they are dried in ovens. 

Some recent medical studies have shown that polyphenols in tea may help reduce the risk of such serious illnesses as cancer, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Epidemiological studies in Japan and China have shown lower rates of heart disease among people who drink several cups of tea a day. While conclusive evidence of this remains to be seen, we may as well indulge in our favorite beverage just in case!

We've selected this premium black tea for its smooth, rich flavor; it's perfect as an everyday tea.

House Black Tea

PriceFrom $8.99
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